Healthy food is natural food take for example a nutritious vegetable soup made with kumara or sweet potato, pumpkin,onion,carrot,silver beet,potato,swede,leeks,soup mix and a bacon hock or add any vegetable you like.You will find out the next day that you feel great after consuming this soup well these ingredients are natural and can be grown organically in your own garden.When prepping vegetables its good practice to chop your vegetables into similar size pieces [ie refer to image below] reason being you get a smoother consistency throughout your mouth watering vege soup they should cook more evenly.A large pot is required with a large bacon hock a soup mix and of course your wonderful array of veges from your vegetable patch.


a great casserole

Pursuing the ultimate casserole to cook requires the freshest choice vegetables from your own home garden.After harvesting and cleaning your fresh produce chop into even portions and place into a crock pot as per link here: adding your stock herbs seasoning and corn flour with chilly and garlic to taste remembering to add trim lamb pieces and turning the pot onto low for 5 hours and a tasty casserole will be ready to serve up for your dinner guests when cooked.

preparing easy healthy meals

Using microwaveable containers like the systema range you can plan and prepare your meals for the week ahead.Firstly cook your healthy vegetables like brocolli cauliflower sweet potato carrots celery all veges high in antioxidants.Then place in a microwaveable container with cooked fish chicken and steak for iron intake. You can place portions of vegetables and meats together in ready prepared meal sized containers ready to pop in the microwave for quick convenient reheating at meal times.Grilling and frying is fine for cooking remembering not to overcook food therefore reducing the goodness and nutrients natural in each food.

How To compost

How many times are you & family disposing of your green food scraps like peelings,chopped carrot,onion ends etc. into your bin. Now your waste bin gets full of garbage quickly and before you know it its full to the top you can cut this back by saving your scraps to a separate container and later adding it to a compost bin in the back yard.Also coffee grindings from your coffee maker is a rich nitrogen compost which is a natural ingredient for the garden.

Your seedlings that you will be planting into your garden need plenty of care and there's nothing they love more apart from water and sunshine is liquid plant food there are many varieties available so feed them regularly.

seaweed & kelp

Seaweed & kelp often you"ll see this stuff washed up on the beach after a storm right!Well this is one of the most effective natural composts or fertilizer you could spread on your vegetable garden so gather up that slimy gold & after drying out,place the seaweed around your plants and watch them flourish.The benefits of kelp are that it is a completely natural, organic product and a source of over 70 vitamins and minerals.

living longer

Cancer continues to cause death at an alarming rate throughout the world so obviously anything that helps curb the loss of lives is welcomed lets look at sodium nitrite in foods this is a banned preservative in many countries.This is one of many additives used in meats like bacon to stop rare disease like botulism While sodium nitrite is naturally present in many fruits and vegetables, its use as a food preservative can be damaging to your health

poison free

Lets not go down the road of whats good and whats bad for our bodies we are forever being preached to even threatened unnecessarily either through online media blogs or so called medical researchers telling us how to survive in our contaminated world but when a number of countries ban a chemical glyphosate used in certain weed killers because of its cancer causing carcinogenic properties its time to sit up and listen and ban this product from all markets.

Vital Reds

A smoothie blend of 1 cup of frozen berries 2 cups of juice or milk 1/2 a banana with a scoop of vital reds; a red berry dietary supplement discovered by world famous surgeon Dr Gundry.This fruity blend adds polyphenols which boosts energy,digestion,glucose metabolism and a healthy cardiovascular system.In this amazing video Dr Gundry also warns us of the plants containing lectins the secret magic chemical in plants and he points out some surprises like eating dark chocolates and drinking olive oil is all good for the body.

Buying nutrients

Selecting fruits and berries for your smoothie is important not only for ripeness but also the general freshness and appearance ie bruising and spots are caused by rough handling or disease.Avoid this fruit. Buying bulk is good for freezing your fresh strawberries blueberries etc when these fruits are in season.therefore enjoying them all year around.

The amazing eggshell

local produce

Buying at local farmers markets if you are not growing your own produce is a great option at least these fruits should be cheaper and you can check with the farmer on the growing techniques ie fertilizers or pesticide spraysOrganic Laboratories Organocide 3-in-1 RTU Garden Spray, 24-Ounce used.

Creatve garden product

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