This is an amazing section of recipes that uses your fresh vegetables from your garden.Adding fresh produce like brocolli capscum and garlic to top off your pizza or simply creating a salad or soup you can send your taste sensations yearning for more.So lets get started.


a simple rustic pumpkin soup 


Half a pumpkin peeled and chopped into quarters

3 cloves of garlic finely chopped or minced .

2 tablespoons of butter. Salt and pepper sprinkled for taste.

packet of soup mix as per pkt contents reqd.



Place pumpkin, garlic, butter and seasoning into blender and

whisk till runny then add soupmix and cook on low in a medium pot

for 2 hours stirring ocassionally. If preferrred add water if too thick. 


homemade vegetable soup


 A great tasting nutritious vegetable soup made with: kumara or sweet potato, pumpkin,onion,carrot,silver beet,potato,swede,leeks,soup mix and a bacon hock or add any vegetable you like.These ingredients are natural and can be grown organically in your own garden.

When prepping vegetables its good practice to chop your vegetables into similar size pieces reason being you get a smoother consistency throughout your mouth watering vege soup they should cook more evenly.

A large pot is required with a large bacon hock,a soup mix and of course your wonderful array of veges .A nutritious vegetable soup made with: 

3 large Kumara or sweet potato,

1/2 pumpkin

3 large onion

3 carrot

4 large leaves silver beet

4 potato

2 swede

5 leeks

bacon hock

or add any vegetable you like.


After chopping and dicing veges

place in a pot add water 9 cups approx.

to vegetables & hock

then bring to medium boil and stir ocassionally till

vegetables have reduced to a smooth soup 

serve with a sprinkle of finely grated parsley.

Maori boil up


A loved and treasured kai (food) eaten commonly in

Aotearoa(New zealand)


 4 bunches of watercress or puha

4 ltrs of water

6 large potatoes cut in half or quarters.

7 large kumara cut in quarters

12 pork bones 

6 large slices of brisket cut in half

7 tbspn salt

10 dough boys


In a large pot place pork bones & brisket into water and salt.

Bring to boil and simmer for 2 hrs or till meat is almost falling

from the bone.Now skim fat then scoop out meat and put aside.

Place potatoes & kumara in pot.Now make doughboys 

using flour and water and roll these into golfball sized balls.

add these to the spuds and kumara and boil together till cooked.

Now add watercress gradually bring to simmer re-add the meat to  

the pot serve up when watercress has sunk.


 Bacon and Brocolli Quiche



4 bunches of brocolli.

6 eggs 

250g butter

1 large tomato

1 small onion 

200g monsorella cheese grated.

4 rashes of bacon pref. manuka smoked 

3 tsp dried basil 

salt and pepper 

1 sheet of pastry


Cooking instructions.

Beat eggs until whitish in colour, stirring in basil, salt and pepper. 

Then slice tomatoes thinly, chop bacon into smallish pieces approx 10mm squares.

 Melt butter in medium pan,frying bacon till crispy add chopped onions cooking till soft.Toss in brocolli and fry till medium texture leave aside to cool.

Then in a shallow buttered baking dish place pastry making sure it is evenly rolled first.

 Now pour bacon and egg/vege mix into baking with cheese and spread slices of tomato on

top with a thin layer of parmesan (optional)Bake for 40 minutes on 160dg c.