Two of the most popular pastimes or hobbies are gardening and cooking and its for nearly all ages.Are you active in the kitchen,garden or both.Add more fulfillment fun and a satisfying sense of pride by launching your first garden and easily maintain it nurturing those veges, salad plants and herbs that you have grown and take this amazing organic produce to your kitchen to create a meal your family friends and yourself will love. is a perfect choice for your garden or kitchen needs so get cracking before you know it cooking and gardening is exciting and interesting after all achieving can be rewarding and satisfying.



Best of both worlds

So for all you budding gardeners and creative cooks out there we feel these 2 areas go together.After all you grow and gather your fresh vegetables, herbs and salads from your garden and take them to your kitchen to create a meal for you and the family.Produce from both go hand in hand therefore we look forward to helping you garden cooks achieve those fun tasks we know you can achieve.What is bought to the table is easy and helpful hints products and plants utilized both in the home kitchen or out in your sun drenched garden.

Lets look at the benefits and profits for you and family you can save money e.g take the red tomato for example it is often an expensive vegetable at the market the shop tomato is grown with pesticides and chemical sprays where as yours are a natural tastier fruit hand nurtured and inexpensive and one plant can produce a lot of scrumptious fruit.Your produce can be monitored or cared for by yourself therefore a healthier harvest for your family.

The Garden

Isnt it great when you look over your yard after having mowed the lawn, tended your garden,then relaxed with a cool drink and thought to yourself what a great acheivement and days work ive managed today.Im a great believer in the saying you reap what you sow.The benefits are you are saving money and you are active physically and mentally and your vege patch is growing veges that are hand nurtured and maybe pesticide free ie no cancer causing chemicals on my produce, ticking that box off and thinking lets go enjoy another drink.


Most great gardens start from the ground up,so selecting a base or ground cover is necessary to enhance the look of your garden so stones, rocks, pebbles, bark, soils and even grasses are a must to begin with.Just decide on the look or theme setting for your garden for eg tropical,meditereanean, old english,japanese so many to choose from so it can be fun and exciting creating a natural floor the way that you want it.


Your 1st Garden

Your life of working hard all day and then returning home late can be a daily boring ritual unless you make a change heres how"just get into gardening its easy,satisfying and fulfilling.

GRAB A SHOVEL AND BEGIN.A barbeque area can be a great place to launch a salad and herb raised garden this is a good locality it adds a focal theme and conversation point over a chilled wine or beer with your guests.If you need a lettuce or sprig of basil in a hurry for a salad its so handy to grab instantly because its so close. Enhance your bbq entertainment area with outdoor furniture, a pizza oven or even a patio heater to add atmosphere mount some outdoor speakersInnovative Technology Premium 5-Watt Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers with A/C Adaptor and Built In Rechargeable 5200mAh Battery, Pair, Charcoal on the exterior walls and rock some music with your friends.

Staying Natural

Healthy food is natural food take for example a nutritious vegetable soup made with kumara or sweet potato, pumpkin,onion,carrot,silver beet,potato,swede,leeks,soup mix and a bacon hock or add any vegetable you like.You will find out the next day that you feel great after consuming this soup well these ingredients are natural and can be grown organically in your own garden.



The Kitchen

Cook then eat, cook then eat, life can be repetitive but necessary it can also be fun, creative, satisfying and healthy for your body.World experts are searching for ways to lengthen our lives but reality is that we need to manage our lifestyles to help have a better and longer life so start cooking healthier quick meals with fresh vegetables from your own patch.Look im not here to preach to you about achieving ultimate healthiness and wellbeing I for one love to eat fast foods they taste good and you can make your own homemade pizzas and burgers with good produce from your vege plot.




Its astounding how so many people eat out at restaurants while the kitchen is neglected when most are fully equipped to create such amazing dishes now i know the hours of the working population restrict our time to create meals at home but I have to share an extraordinary experience i had at a friends place a few months back.